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We Provide Speech Therapy for Children in Albuquerque by Helping Them Find Their Voice Through Laughter & Playful Learning

understand your children when they talk ★ watch them easily socialize with friends ★ replace your frustration with relief

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We cannot wait to greet you! Use the map below to find us at 5701 Carmel Ave NE, Suite B, 87113.

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Tashawnee Wo
Tashawnee Wo

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I have worked previously with a different speech therapist and they did a horrible job with my son. Chatterbox, however, are amazing. I can see and hear the difference as my son continues to go! The staff are amazing and I love that my son loves it there! Every time we are in the area my son points in the general area and says," mommy! My teachers are right there!" Thank you for helping my son. I appreciate every bit of your hard work and dedication to not just my son but to other children as well.

Chris M
Chris M

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

Chatterbox has been a wonderful experience for my son. He looks forward to going every week. The staff has focused on his specific issues and we have seen an improvement in his speech development. The therapists are very friendly, seem to love their patients, and know how to reach a 5 year old. They take the time to communicate his progress on each session, what they focused on and what we may want to concentrate on in the coming days.
They work with various insurance companies and take on all the headaches of approvals and communication with those companies.
I would highly recommend Chatterbox to anyone looking for a speech therapist.

3 Reasons Why Chatterbox Parents Prefer Our Therapists for Their Child’s Unique Needs…

Photo of play-based therapy

We engage your child with play-based speech therapy so they have fun every visit

Speech Therapist with Group Therapy

We offer you options with individual OR group speech therapy sessions

Committed to Parents and the Entire Family

We are committed to providing quality service and support to the entire family

What are some of the early signs your child may have a speech and language concern?

See the happy children of Chatterbox… learning and having FUN!

Meet the Owners of Chatterbox Speech Therapy…

Tanya - Speech and Language Pathologist, Albuquerque

Tanya Friend

Owner & Speech and Language Pathologist

“Tanya not only helped our son with his speech, but helped us to better understand what makes him tick. We are grateful to have been able to work with Tanya and Chatterbox!”

– Jessica Harris, Albuquerque NM

Lisa - Speech and Language Pathologist, Albuquerque

Lisa McDermeit

Owner & Speech and Language Pathologist

“Lisa was so patient with my son. She let him work at his own speed but also was creative in trying new things. Thanks :)”

– Ashley Hill, Albuquerque NM